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How to Use

See below for the best way to use our Haus of Dog Fragrances

How to use

To ensure your dog stays smelling fresh for a number of days, spray your bottle of fur’fume arms length away from your dog’s coat by using only a few sprays and leave to soak in for around 10 seconds. As an alternative, if your dog doesn’t like being sprayed, use a few sprays of your fur’fume on a brush. As the final step brush through your dogs coat with an appropriate brush for your dog’s coat.

Take a look at the list below to find out what brush is right for your furry friend:

Slicker brush; long/medium hair, curly coats, dogs that shed a lot

Undercoat rake; double coated dogs, thick/heavy coats

Flea comb; all dogs

Rubber brush; especially short haired, dogs that shed a lot

Double sider; all dogs

Bristle brush; all dogs

Mat breaker; all matted coats aside from smooth coats

Moulting comb; double coated dogs, thick dense hair

De-shedder; double coated dogs, thick/heavy coats, prone to shedding

Grooming comb; double coated dogs, long coats, wooly coats

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