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Why wont my dog settle

Why wont my dog settle down ?

How to get your dog to settle

As with humans, it is just as important for dogs to settle down as they need this time to essentially switch off and relax

Glutamate is a very important neurotransmitter and linked to healthy brain development resulting in positive learning and memory. It also releases the hormone Dopamine which is your feel-good ingredient in the body

Step One

You need to create a chill-out zone that is your dogs, it can be something as simple as a blanket, mat, or towel. Simply place the chosen item on the ground next to you and introduce your dog to the desired area. Give them time to get familiar with the area

It is important to reward your dog whenever they go near their area. We recommend that you throw treats directly onto the area and not give from your hand as this will assist in them building a strong association with their area

Step Two

Moving forward we want to reward your dog for every bit of progress that they make. They will initially build up their confidence to stand on the matt, first using maybe two of their four paws. Reward this, eventually, they will soon be standing on the matt with all four paws

Step Three

Once we have made the progress of having all four paws on the mat, simply ask your dog to lie down. Once they do this, reward them with treats.

Step Four

Your dog will very quickly start to make the connection between them getting comfy on their matt and being rewarded. The site of the matt will naturally encourage them to lie down, but we should try to move things up a gear by only rewarding this when they rest their head

If we gradually increase the amount of time between them resting their head and reward over time you will be able to remove the reward of a treat and replace it with praise

Step 5

Now that your dog is settling on their matt we want to gradually increase the distance between yourself and the matt. Again this should be gradual as to much distance between you and your dog may result in the process of having to come back a few steps

It is always important to encourage calm behavior from your dog, we find that introducing them to the matt in the presence of distractions such as visitors will work wonders on the overall character of your dog

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