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How do I toilet train my dog

How to toilet train your dog

Advice on how to toilet train your dog

This is a very important time for both you and your dog. Toilet training your dog is all about good habits and routine, for both puppys and older dogs

Its all about patience when toilet training, accidents will happen as your dog settles into their new environment.  Some dogs will settle into the routine you give quicker than others. It is important that when you are toilet training your dog that you understand some will require more support.

Step 1

It is important that we stay alert when toilet training your dog. There are obvious telltale signs that your dog will need the toilet and if you can intervene and redirect them to their puppy pad or outside quickly and calmly

So what are the signs you need to look out for

  • Pacing, panting, circling, whining, barking, or general restlessness.
  • Sniffing the ground, lowered body posture, curving to the ground/squatting.
  • Going to the door.

Its not always possible to act quick enough or even identify the signs that your dog may need the toilet.  Again, accidents will happen, but when they do you need to stay calm and simply clean up the area.

Never punish your dog for accidents as this can cause stress and in many cases have a negative impact on your process.  Your dog may start to go to the toilet in secret or even become scared of going to the toilet

A clever tip to keep in mind when toilet training your dog and cleaning up any accidents is to refrain from using domestic disinfectants as they often contain ammonia. This may encourage your dog to mark their scent in the problem area again

We recommend that an enzymatic cleaner, remember to always follow the application instructions. Another great solution is to mix biological washing powder with warm water at a mixing ratio of 1:9

Step 2

As we always say, every dog is different and all dogs have alternative surfaces that they prefer to do their business on. Some of the frequent surfaces of choice are:

  • Paper
  • Cement
  • Gravel
  • Puppy pads
  • Towels
  • Carpet
  • Different lengths of grass

In many cases you will find that your dog will start to associate going for a walk with the time to go to the toilet. This wouldn’t be viable with a puppy, but certainly in rescue dogs

Step 3

You want to establish a routine as quickly as possible. When toilet training your dog consistency is key. This will help your dog settle into their new environment and result in them feeling more comfortable in actually going to the toilet.

To assist with your dog and their training we recommend that you try to take your dog out:

  • First thing in the morning, when they wake up and even when they awake from sleep during the day
  • Straight after they eat or drink
  • After engaging in playtime or daily bursts of energy
  • Just before bed, remember that your dog will have a long period of time to hold their toilet through the night and you may be called upon

Encouraging your dog to be outside as often as possible is a great way to give them every chance of going to the toilet in the correct location. A good rule to follow with a young dog would be to let them outside once every hour were possible

Step 4

Sticking to the routine that you want your dog to ultimately follow when toilet training is key

If your dog doesn’t associate being outside with going to the toilet straight away it may be a good idea to make yourself uninteresting.  This will most likely result in your dog getting bored and begin to sniff around. Nine-times out of ten once a dog begins to start to sniff around, some form of toilet activity will follow

Once your dog has grasped the routine of going to the toilet outside you should praise this. We recommend that you don’t reward toilet activity with treats as this may send a confusing message that all forms of toilet in any location result in treats

Introducing verbal instructions works well with a lot of dogs. Using phrases such as “wee wees” really helps your dog when toilet training.

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