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How do i teach my dog to stand

How to teach your dog to stand?

Teaching your dog to stand is a great technique that will assist you greatly, particularly when grooming your dog

Step 1

Simply start by asking your dog to sit or even lie down.

Have a smelly treat in one of your hands, allow your dog to have a really good sniff of the hand that the treat is present in. As they are having a really good sniff slowly pull the treat away fro their nose in a horizontal motion. Naturally their body should rise into the standing position that we are aiming for . Give your dog the praise they deserve for following your instruction

As in most things, practice will eventually make perfect. Continue to carry out this process until your dog is freely taking the standing position when lured with a treat .

Step 2

Now that your dog is willingly taking the standing position when a treat is involved we want to remove the presence of a treat, and replace it with a hand signal and voice command. The best way to achieve this is to carry out the same process we learned in step one.

Only this time, once your pet takes the standing position give the treat from your second unraised hand

Step 3

If you are finding that your dog is picking this up with ease it’s time to introduce the hand signal. With an open palm move your hand away horizontally without a treat and clearly say “stand”

Dogs are very clever animals and will often look at you with a “let’s try again “ expression indicating that they know there can be tasty treats involved. If this is the case perhaps try tucking a treat discretely between your index finger and thumb. If you carry this instruction out 3 times, always using the hand signal and voice command but in the fourth attempt remove the treat from the equation you should start to see your dog will stand on cue

Step 4

If you are looking to get your dog to stand with a voice cue alone, simply say “stand”, allowing three seconds to go by, then give them the hand signal and ultimately the reward. Again practice makes perfect, so repeat the process but each time increase the amount of time between the voice command and the hand signal. Your dog will soon learn to act upon the voice signal alone

Step 5

Your dog is ready to start to just react to the voice command alone and stand as you request. The gradual phasing out of any form of treat. You want your dog to react to your voice command as promptly as possible, to achieve this we should reward with a treat the faster your dog embraces the standing position, but only praise the slower actions. Again your dog is clever and will make the connection of what they are rewarded with based on their actions.

Once we are achieving this over time we need to phase out the giving of treats and replace it with praise. Your dog is learning every day and praise should always be given for their hard work

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