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How do i teach my dog to sit

How to teach your dog to sit

Often used as the foundation of all dog training teaching your dog to sit is a fantastic bonding experience and a great start for other future behavior training

Within no time your dog will be obedient and the envy of other dog owners


Let’s start at the very beginning. Your dog has an unbelievable sense of smell and we are going to utilise it.

In one hand, take a smelly treat and place it in front of your dog’s nose, making sure they get a really good smell of it.

While they are having a good smell, raise your hand above their head, in the direction of their back.

Naturally, this movement will result in them looking up and subsequently, their rear end will end up on the floor.

As soon as your dog is in the sitting position, reward them by giving them the treat.


Your dog will soon click onto the positive reward for following your actions. Repeat step one until your dog is following this command without hesitation


Now we want to mix it up a little. This time we want you to lure your dog with one hand but reward the sitting motion with a treat from your second hand


Now we want to remove the presence of treats in this process and instead introduce a simple hand signal paired with a voice cue. Simply say “sit” and place your palm on your shoulder.

This may take a couple of attempts, so don’t get frustrated, if you need to repeat steps 1 and 2 that’s normal.

Once your dog sits without the availability of a treat be sure to praise this and make a fuss


You are making great progress and bonding unbelievably with your dog. Once your dog has grasped the hand signal and voice command you should train them to just respond to the voice cue.

If you say “sit” and wait a few seconds, usually 3 is fine, and then give the hand signal, make a huge fuss when they sit

If you repeat the process but each time you do increase the time between the two gestures, over time the voice command will be enough


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