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How to Teach my dog not to beg

How to Stop my Dog Begging at Meal Times

How Can I stop my Dog Begging for Food

Your dog begging for food is more common than you think. In fact the majority of owners will agree, especially those who have a highly motivated Dogs. But we as owners are the ones to blame in most instances, we all fall for those looks that we get from time to time. It is important that we stay focussed on not giving in to those “puppy-dog” eyes

Always start as you mean to go on with your Dog, a good routine will pay off in the long run. The golden rule is to never give your dog food from your plate or table. Unity is key within the household. Your dog will always remember who is the one most likely to give them food and focus their attention on the weakest member of the herd. Just once is enough to lead your dog to interpretate that their begging will result in a tasty reward

If you haven’t had your dog from a young age and they have already begun to beg you need to show them that this behaviour will not result in the reward, they desire.

Ignoring their begging behaviour is key, it will be difficult, and they may try whining but you must be strong and ignore them.

This includes no eye contact or vocal interaction until you have finished eating

Never break your silence, even if it is to tell them to stop begging, silence is golden.

The slightest interaction will encourage them that there still may be a tasty reward in it for them. It may take a little while, and it may be frustrating, but you will eventually reap the reward

begging is never successful; they will eventually give up. This will take a lot of time and patience, but your consistency will be rewarded.

Why not use a distraction tactic?

Here is a good opportunity to use some of the other skills we have taught you and your dog. When meal times arrive, ask your dog to lie or sit on their designated area such as their matt or bed. This will over time become a routine that your dog becomes accustomed to.

Why not eat try synchronised meal times?

Like with many dogs, they are motivated by the prospect of a tasty conclusion. So why not try and eat your meals at the same time that your dog does. While they are distracted with their meal you can eat yours in peace. Naturally, your dog may consume their meal a little quicker than you do so why not try a slow- feeder?

Another great distraction to buy you that peaceful meal time are long lasting feed treats which can be purchased from all good pet retailers.

Again please exercise this advice with caution, your dog will become used to this routine as it is very beneficial to them.

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