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How to trek with my dog?

How to trek with my dog?

How Best to trek with my Dog

As the weather gets much nicer, we all start to partake in longer walks with our dogs. But it is important to prepare for longer walks in the correct way to ensure you and your dog are safe. These top tips are simple and all intended to make sure the walks are fun

As with many owners, the spring and summer months are a period when you are just starting to venture out on walks for the first time.
Whether your dog is young or old, it is important to check that their physical condition is correct.

Young dogs will need time to allow their bones and muscles to form, older dogs may find their capabilities become less in their older age. Build up your walks accordingly until you are comfortable in the knowledge of what they can withstand

It may also be the first time that your dog is going to be in and around other dogs and owners. It is advised that as with the first tip, you integrate your dog at a pace that is suited to them. More dogs and owners bring more distractions, and your dog will thank you for keeping this in mind.

Weather conditions can change in a matter of minutes, always check your weather forecast if you are going to be out for a significant period. Having a reserve of water for both you and your dog is a must.

Have a structured plan within your route to stop and take it refreshments and rest.

Always pay attention to how your dog is behaving, do not be afraid to call it a day and end your trek.

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