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How do I keep my dog cool

How to keep your dog cool

Top Tips on how to keep your dog cool

We understand it is a tough job to try and keep your dog cool during the summer months, but we always find the key is preparation

By planning ahead for warmer weather you can ensure your dog is as content as possible, and ultimately significantly reduce their risk of experiencing heatstroke.

We all want to enjoy the warm weather with our four legged friends, by following our simple routine, you can enjoy the sunshine, safely and together.


There are numerous “life hacks” that can help your dog stay cool in hot weather, these guidelines will certainly help to cool them down when they begin to get too hot

  • Encourage your dog to reside in shaded areas out of direct sunlight
  • Place a damp towel on the ground and encourage them to lie down upon it
  • Using a domestic hot water bottle filled with cold water is a brilliant trick. Keep an eye out for your dog mistaking this for a chew toy, it can happen
  • Use your garden sprinkler as a great way to keep your dog cool
  • Your dog will appreciate a standard paddling pool placed out of direct sunlight as a great place to cool down


Leaving a dog alone in a hot unvented car should never be done and is a deadly situation.

There are no excuses to ever leave a dog alone in a hot car, even if you believe the car to be in a shaded location, dogs become very uncomfortable and distressed at an accelerated pace to that of a human.

This all comes down to forward planning and it is paramount that you think ahead to ensure a plan is in place to ensure your dog is not left in the car

We all have a duty to protect dogs and should not hesitate to call 999 and report owners that have left a dog in a hot car, do not hesitate


It is so important to make sure your dog always has access to plenty of clean drinking water, and even more so in the Summer months.

As with yourself, should you be out walking or traveling, before you leave, ask yourself the question “does my dog have enough water ?”

There are plenty of clever devices that can ensure you a supply of water and a suitable drinking device


Nobody likes to do to much hard exercise in warmer weather, the same applies for your dog

Why not try some new games that are a little less strenuous but still as fun

Here are just a couple of ideas we find work really well

  • Let your dog’s incredible nose do the work, hide the toys and let them have fun sniffing them out
  • Try and play with your dog in a paddling pool, this will keep them a lot cooler
  • Static food and treat puzzles are a great way of keeping your dog engaged without to much running around

It can do absolute wondered remembering to keep your dog well-groomed. Regular grooming ensures your dog is free from knots, the matting of hair and fur traps heat making your pet very uncomfortable


The sun is as likely to burn your dog as it is yourself if you do not take the relevant precautions

Dogs with thin coats and those of lighter colour are most at risk. There are great products to assist with sun screening for your pets available at the majority of pet supply stores.

It never hurts to ask the question of you are unsure and do not be scared to seek the advice of your vet


Nothing is more infuriating than those who choose to walk their dogs in the height of Summer on hot surfaces.

We always advise that the walking of your dog is done outside of the hottest periods of the day.

Your dog will be so much happier as their poor pads will not be subjected to the heat


It goes without saying that we should always have our dog’s health at the forefront of our mind.

During the warmer months it is important to help regulate their weight.

As your dog is much more likely to be less mobile in warmer weather it is a great idea to moderate your dogs food intake .

Please always remember the clever ways you can keep your dog active utilising cooler shaded places, without long walks


Unlike humans, dogs are not capable of taking significant measures to reduce their body temperature and it is our responsibility to ensure they are looked after in order to avoid heat stroke. Heat stroke can be fatal and we should all be aware of the telltale signs and symptoms:

  • Heavy panting
  • Glazed eyes
  • A rapid pulse
  • Excessive salivation
  • Lack of coordination
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Loss of consciousness

What should I do if I think my dog has heat stroke?

It is important that you act quickly should you think your dog has heatstroke.

The first step you should do is get your dog to a cool shaded area, this will help to bring their body temperature down.

Your dog will be in need of cooling down significantly and we advise that you apply towels or cloths soaked in cold water to various parts of their body .

You need to try and get your dog to intake water in some form, you may find licking ice cubes may be the best idea

One thing that you should never do is place your dog directly into cold water, this may result in your dog going into shock

Never be afraid to seek professional advice should you think your dog is in danger

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