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How to bath your dog

How to Bath My Dog

Like with children, Bath times aren’t usually stressful times, especially with a younger dog. Here are some tips on how you can make your bath times for your dog a little more tolerable, and dare we say fun

We always encourage regular bath times for your dog as good practise. A bath will not only eliminate the dirt that is visible to the naked eye but by regularly cleaning your dog you help to keep those nasty little parasites at arm’s length.

But all dogs are different as we know, they all have different furs, activity schedules and various other factors will determine how often you bathe your pet. It is down to you to judge how often they require a bath, but once you have done why not try and make it a little more entertaining for

How to prepare to bathe your dog:

Preparation is key, so before you even turn on the water you should try to create an environment that is comfortable for your dog that your dog will in time see bath time as a positive experience.

Take the time to brush your dogs coat prior to the bath to ensure any tangled hair doesn’t become matted when wet. This will prevent your dogs discomfort and ultimately enhance the experience.

Where to bathe your dog:

The breed and size of your dog will ultimately dictate where is best to carry out bath time. With larger dogs it is normally much easier to bathe them outside as opposed to in a bath tub or sink. For smaller dogs we find that a sink is best suited but it all depends on your judgment

Ideal water conditions for bathing a dog:

If you are bathing a dog outside always remember to be wary of the temperature of the water, especially if you are using a hose. This may be to hot or cold. The same applies when using a showerhead. The ideal temperature would be lukewarm. Finding the right temperature ensures that you are cleaning your dog correctly ( cold water is not as effective ) but that you aren’t making the experience an unpleasant one by distressing them

Supplies you’ll need to bath your dog:

I’m sure every dog owner has the story of a bath time that has gone wrong. The most popular being forgetting to have a towel to hand and before you know it they’ve hopped out and had a shake down all over the walls. So it goes without saying, always remember your towel for drying. Preferably one that is extra absorbent as your dog will be very wet after their bath

Next is to make sure you are in clothes that you don’t mind getting a little wet or dirty, don’t bath the dog in your Sunday best.

An essential for a nice pamper of your dog is dog shampoo. These are available at all good pet stores, many for different breeds and ages so select the one that is correct for you.

Bathing your dog:

Now you have your bathing essentials ready start by testing that the water is lukewarm. Never place a dog into a bath without checking the temperature beforehand.

The aim of the game is to completely saturate your dogs coat, this may be tricky with those dogs that dislike water so maybe recruit an extra set of hands at bath time.

Its now time to lather up! Apply the shampoo to your dog paying special attention to not get it into sensitive areas such as their eyes and face.

The more you massage the shampoo into your dogs coat the more pleasant the experience will be, as it would if it was yourself in the salon.

Once the shampoo is applied, leave the shampoo to sit for several minutes before rinsing. Again, pay attention to the temperature and pressure of the water when you are rinsing the shampoo.

Drying your dog after the bath:

It is essential that you always dry your dog after a bath to ensure they are comfortable after the experience.

If your dog has a particularly heavy coat this is pivotal, failure to dry their coat thoroughly can lead to damp spots, which can lead to hot spots. Furthermore, it can then develop into acute moist dermatitis which can be very unpleasant for your dog.

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