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What to Do if your Dogs Scared of Fireworks

Dogs scared of fireworks

Dogs unlike humans are generally scared of fireworks due to the flashing bright lights and loud noises. There are however a few steps you can take to reduce their distress

Although the loud noises will be scary at first it is advised that where possible you try to associate the loud noise with something positive rather than something they should be scared:

1. Avoid letting your dog outdoors at times when fireworks are likely to go off

It is advised that during seasons where fireworks tend to be more common that you take your dog for a walk a little earlier in the day. For the majority of the calendar year it is infact against the law to set off fireworks after 11pm. This is actually extended to midnight on bonfire night so may be take your dog for an early walk and one last thing at night to accommodate this rule.
With this in mind, feeding times may need to be altered. As with all training you should ease this in gradually as a routine change and not just abruptly change the routine on the day

2. Create a ‘safe place’ inside your home for your dog to hide from fireworks

If your dog is scared of fireworks consider making a safe retreat space by draping a towel over a table surface that they can enter freely at will. Locking a dog in a crate can be much more daunting and add to the fear and anxiety they are experiencing

3. The sudden bang of fireworks can be masked by keeping a radio or TV on, which can reduce the impact noises may have on your pet

Although it may not be your common choice your dog may appreciate some classical music being played to help calm them down

4. Always draw the curtains or cover the windows to minimise the lights from the fireworks

If your dog is scared of fireworks it may often be the bright flashes of light that cause the issue not just the loud noise. By illuminating the room they are in and drawing the curtains you can significantly reduce the impact these flashes will have

5. If your dog can see that fireworks have no effect on you, this may help decrease their anxiety

If your dog can see that you are not scared by fireworks they often pick up on this. If you show anxiety towards them the likely hood is so will your dog. Make a fuss of your dog, play games and ignore the comotion in the sky

6. Long Lasting Chew

It may be worth investing in a long lasting chew that will keep them distracted for a sustained period of time

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