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Why Should I use dog spray

Why should I use dog spray

Why should I use perfumed dog spray ?


Every dog owner can relate to the fact the whether we like it or not, our dogs don’t always smell their best. Here at The Haus of Dog we are qualified dog grooming professionals, and we know that there is no better time than when your dog has returned from the groomers, and they smell divine. But why is that? Because after their extensive wash and groom they are spritzed with professional cologne created specifically for your dog.

We want every dog to smell their best, salon fresh, on any day of the week from the comfort of your own home.

Professionally designed, tested, and produced by dog groomers the Haus of Dog is the finest collection of fur’fumes on the market.

We recognised that other dog sprays on the market where not to the level of those frequently used by the professionals. They don’t seem to last half as long as those that are present after a visit to the groomers and that is why the Haus of Dog are designed to be rich and decadent, for long lasting beautiful smelling dogs.

It can be expensive to have to rely on a grooming professional to have your dog smelling their finest so why not introduce your dog to the Haus of Dog range. Dog grooming standards without the expense.

As sure as day follows night you can guarantee that after a visit to the groomers your dog will some how find a way to get dirty or pick up the usual odour from outside. Before you know it your dog smells, well like a dog, and all that doggy glow up has gone to waste. But with a few sprit’s of the Haus of Dog they will be back to smelling their best in an instant

Our collection of fur’fumes have been created with the owner in mind. We have created a range of sophisticated scents that are good enough for both dog and owner. It has been said that our clients would wear our scents themselves. We only use natural oils and essences to create a rich authentic aroma. No cheap artificial thrills here

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