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Are you tired of weak synthetic dog sprays ?

Formed through a love of animals, professional dog grooming experience and a gap in the market, Haus of Dog brings you our collection of truly unique fur’fumes

About US

long-lasting and unique perfumes especially created for dogs

Haus of Dog brings you our collection of truly unique fur’fumes. Made to the highest standards here in the UK Haus of Dog has your dogs smelling their finest for longer.

Our team is always working hard behind the scenes to create the most perfect scents for your dogs and that is how Haus of Dog has become an established business.

The collection:

truly unique fragrances

Each of our 3 signature scents are truly unique yet have recognisable characteristics. Although the primary function of our products is to have your dog smelling their best safety is always at the forefront of design and production.

Each fragrance is delicately made with premium ingredients selected from our rigorously monitored supply chain.

It’s a fact we cannot deny, that from time to time we all have a smelly dog, the most common cause being a wet dog. Our simple yet brilliant solution is easily applied and long lasting, purchase yours today.

Luxury Dog Perfume
Haus of Dog Luxury Perfume

For your Dogs

Aside from the obvious reason of using fragrance sprays, to make your pups smell great, there are many more advantages!

On bad hair days it’s always handy to have fragrances to hand, give your dog a brush and incorporate one of our fragrances into this routine. Fragrance sprays are also the perfect solution between bath time, whether your dog can’t be bathed too often due to dry skin or other reasons, or if you’re a busy owner. Keep your furry friend smelling fresh between bath times!

Finally, give yourself the opportunity to spend some quality time with your pet. Grooming works wonders for your owner/pet relationship and also ensures your dog is used to grooming, so when they visit the salon they’re pretty chilled

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